MICF 2021 Recommendations

This year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival is almost underway… it’s definitely going to be a quieter event compared to previous years - understandably, given COVID restrictions and very few international guests. There’s still plenty to highlight, though!

My top picks are Wil Anderson’s Wilegal - previous performed in 2018 and it is genius; the always sharp and brilliant Zoë Coombs Marr; a few online shows from UK-based Mark Watson; and Randy Feltface, who can be quite, uh, disgusting and disturbing? But hilariously so.

Other shows I’m hoping to see - though in some cases I’ve not seen these acts before, so your mileage may vary! - include Adam Hills, Andrew McClelland, Aurelia St Clair, Diana Nguyen, and Tripod.

As always: if you come across any great shows, do let me know!