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Hunting New Opportunities in 2023

Posted on 28 February, 2023

Update - 8th May 2023: Thank you to everyone who’s been in touch and helped get the word out - I’ve just begun a role as Staff Engineer with Covidence. 🎉

I’ve been pondering what I want work to look like for me in the coming few years, and have decided it’s time for a change.

For the bulk of my working career I’ve been a contractor - and as discussed previously, that’s allowed me to work with many amazing teams. Now, though, I’m definitely leaning towards being an employee again. I realise that it’s a bit of an uncertain time for many, with redundancies happening often in many large tech companies - I’m aware my timing here is not ideal! - but I want to see what opportunities exist nonetheless.

Below I’ve outlined what I like to do and what I feel I’m good at, as well as what kind of organisations I’m keen to work with. If you have or know of a role that fits some of these criteria, please do get in touch via email or Mastodon (or Twitter in a pinch). I’m also open to more general chats with peers and recruiters.

There’s also further context of my working history on both and LinkedIn.

Firstly, the one non-negotiable: I will only accept roles that are four days a week maximum - both because I have some side-projects and client work that require regular attention, but also because four days is much healthier.

In terms of what I enjoy:

  • I love writing Ruby code - Rails and RSpec are my tools of choice, but I’m also increasingly familiar with Hanami 2.
  • I’m interested in eventually stepping into a leadership role - particularly with a technical focus, but also with an impact on shaping/strengthening company culture.
  • I love supporting junior developers, through pairing and mentoring, and get a kick out of seeing them grow and find their confidence.
  • I greatly enjoy building tools for developers - whether that be through commercial projects such as Flying Sphinx), or by developing and supporting open-source libraries.

Beyond the technical skills covered briefly above, I feel I can also be quite good at the following:

  • Actively listening with colleagues and customers, and responding with empathy.
  • Finding consensus and shared understanding within organisation and project decisions.
  • Handling remote working and the challenges that come with it, such as balancing time zones for meetings.
  • Being welcoming and supportive of people from a broad range of cultures and backgrounds.

And some notes on how I work and the types of organisations I’m eager to be a part of. Companies that can tick off some of these would be ideal:

  • I’m leaning towards being an employee, but not against continuing as a contractor.
  • I’m particularly keen to work with organisations who are building products, rather than subcontracting or agency work.
  • I live in Narrm/Melbourne, Australia, but I’m open to remote roles (and even for local companies, flexibility of location is greatly preferred).
  • I prefer to work with diverse and inclusive teams and organisations.
  • I’m not interested in working predominantly for equity.
  • I’d love to work in companies that are making the world better.
  • I want to work in companies that take a stand for a more compassionate and inclusive world, in both words and action.
  • I prefer to work in companies that support me in being a part of the tech industry and community (through such things as attending, speaking at, and organising events).

I know no one place is going to have everything I want. Perhaps your approach to work and business is a little different? That’s fine, I’m keen to hear about new ideas and approaches! So please, if you’re unsure, err on the side of contacting me.