MICF 2018 Recommendations

Much to my delight, it’s almost time for another Comedy Festival!

My particular highlights for this year’s upcoming festival include many familiar names from previous years:

  • David O’Doherty with his keyboard and tunes is consistently very funny. If you’ve seen him before then you know exactly what to expect (and I’m very fine with his regular style).
  • Laura Davis is bringing back one of her brilliant shows from a few years ago, Ghost Machine. An excellent mix of thoughtful, awkward, heartwarming, funny, and odd - my favourite show of the 2015 festival when it won the award for best independent production, and I’m very tempted to see it again.
  • Mark Watson, who I’ve seen many times. Often heart-filled, and is always charming and funny.
  • Sammy J is doing a once-off performance of last year’s Barry-nominated and superb Hero Complex. Highly recommended, and will almost certainly (and deservedly) sell out.
  • Tim Key is consistently, bemusingly odd (and I mean that in the best way, though granted, he’s not everyone’s taste). A touch of poetry, some laughs, and always something unexpected.
  • Watson are always hilarious and high-energy, and fill their shows with such infectious fun.

I’m also looking forward to hopefully catching Celia Pacquola, Lano & Woodley, Wil Anderson, and Randy.

Do let me know (via Twitter or email) if you see any excellent shows!