RejectConf: Coders Kicking Arse

One of the highlights from RailsConf EU last week was RejectConf - even if it was a bit smaller than last year (going by what I’ve heard, anyway).

I reprised my So You’re A Kick-Arse Coder talk for it - since it was a rejected talk from the main event - and Geoffrey Grosenbach managed to get an audio recording, so I’ve put that together with the slides and onto Viddler. Keep in mind the following caveats:

  • I’m pretty happy with this talk - but I realise I’m not that great a speaker. Imagine what I’d be like on a bad day ;)
  • Geoff didn’t catch the very start of the talk, which went something along the lines of “Hi, my name’s Pat, and I’m Australian [Cheers from Audience] I want to start of with some flattery, because I want to get on your good side.”
  • Geoff’s also the heckler about two-thirds of the way though.


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Pete Yandell left a comment on 7 Sep, 2008:

Great talk!

Love the way you gave people a bunch of different scopes in which to think about the problem.

Nathan left a comment on 8 Sep, 2008:

I think it’s great the way you’ve adapted your concept and talk to suit your target audience. Totally impressed.

Keep up the great work!

pat left a comment on 11 Sep, 2008:

Pete: Thanks - it’s been how I’ve generally structured it, but this is the first time I’ve made it explicit.

Nathan: Thanks - and yeah, each version of the talk I’ve done has been slightly different, depending on the audience. I think it’s time to come up with a completely new talk though :)