Merb to construct a web service that interacts with MYOB, and can be consumed with ActiveRes…" />

Mixing Merb and MYOB

For one of the contracts I’m working on at the moment, I’ve been using Merb to construct a web service that interacts with MYOB, and can be consumed with ActiveResource.

The connection to MYOB is ugly, using Christian Werner’s ODBC Bindings and the Rails/ActiveRecord ODBC Adapter, the latter of which had to be hacked slightly. However, the Merb side of things was quite clean. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Merb progresses, especially with their plans for merb_core and merb_more.

One of the rare snippets of code from the Merb app that I think is more verbose than the Rails equivalent is how to go about obtaining the query parameters (as opposed to routing parameters) of a request.

The Rails way:


The Merb way:

params.except *request.route_params.keys.collect { |key| key.to_s }

Also, in case you’re as stupid as I am and want to generate Merb controllers on the fly, you can’t use The only way is by building the class in a string and eval’ing it:

Object.send(:eval, <<-CODE
class ::Object::#{controller_name} < Application
  # actions and such go here

It’s not particularly elegant, but at least it works.

Zachery left a comment on 12 Feb, 2008:

thnx for the read. im actually working on replacing myob for a small company to Merb and a local AIR application. If you have any tips for handling MYOB / converting the data possibly id be extremely thankful. I haven’t looked into getting the ‘license’ required for MYOB to support odbc yet, will have to do that this week. thnx again for the read.

pat left a comment on 12 Feb, 2008:

Hi Zachery

I’ll try to get a post up in the next day or two with some more details about how to talk to MYOB using Ruby. In the meantime, feel free to shoot me any questions you have via email (pat at this domain).