About Pat

Photo by Pete Yandell

I am a software developer and event organiser based in Melbourne, Australia. I work with the team at Inspire9 (the web development agency) from within the coworking space of the same name. I am passionate about the internet, music, politics, comedy, bringing people together, and making a difference. And pancakes.

When it comes to code, my primary language (since 2007) is Ruby, and my focus has always been on web development. Alongside my work with Inspire9, I run the Heroku add-on Flying Sphinx, and I write plenty of open-source code.

I prefer my politics with a healthy dose of compassion, science, feminism and intelligence, as anyone who has followed me on Twitter for a while will be aware. I try to walk that talk, but there's always room for improvement.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, and Last.FM.

Header image of Melbourne taken by Michael Koukoullis, photo of me taken by Pete Yandell. Styling of this site by Mark Brown.