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MICF 2016 Recommendations

Just like the last two years, I’ve had a look through this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival line-up, and have some recommendations based on previous form for anyone who may be interested.

Firstly, there are excellent comedians performing this year who I’ve raved about before and certainly recommend again: David O’Doherty, Felicity Ward, Hannah Gadsby, Justin Hamilton, Pajama Men, Tegan Higginbotham, and Wil Anderson.

Some further acts for your consideration:

Danny Bhoy

Perhaps he needs no introduction - he’s certainly become quite the comedy star - but Danny is reliably hilarious and sharp. Even though his ticket prices are higher than most, I’ll very likely be heading along to check out his new show. Here’s a clip from way back:

Laura Davis

Laura is not everyone’s cup of tea - indeed, I’ve seen her a few times, and the first show didn’t really click for me - but last year’s Ghost Machine was the last show I saw at the festival, and one of my favourites: a mixture of odd, funny, bleak, smart, and super creative. I have no video to offer, because nothing quite captures last year’s experience.

But my three absolute must-sees are:

Celia Pacquola

I’ve seen every show she’s done, and I’m yet to be disappointed. Often heartwarming, always very funny. Given Celia only has four performances this year, I’ll be buying my ticket quickly, and I recommend you do the same.


To celebrate their 20th year, Tripod have a best-of show this year (and are publishing a songbook!). I’ve been following this trio since I saw them perform at O-Week in my first year at university, and I’ve already heard that the previews of this year’s show are superb. Cannot wait!


I’ve been a fan of Watson for many years, and they are reliably chaotic, hilarious and fun. Last year’s show – performed within the Old Melbourne Gaol – was perhaps their best, and certainly a highlight of my festival, so I’m looking forward to this year’s too.

If you come across any shows during the festival that you adore, do let me know!