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Welcomed to Fès by a wild sky

Blue Gate, Fès, Morocco

After a long day’s travel across Morocco, I arrive by train into Fès to find a driver from the riad I’m staying at, and an amazing sky.

While behind me is blue and cloudless, ahead it’s a magnificent mix of greys and violets, with hints of orange, suggesting a storm is about to hit us at any moment. Birds are wheeling around the old town walls, lightning flashes faintly in the distance, and there’s even a rainbow off to one side of where I think it’s raining. It could be a dust storm for all I know, given how orange that part of the sky is - this is a new country, continent, culture, and climate for me, so I’m more than a little clueless.

My driver hands my bag onto someone with a wheelbarrow outside the stunning Blue Gate, and they in turn lead me by foot into the maze that is Fès’ medina - the oldest part of the town (the new part of the medina is 700 years old, to give you some perspective). I’ve only a quick moment to snap this shot of the gate and clouds - I can’t lose my bag and guide, it’s too easy to get lost in this city!

I check in to my riad and then step out onto their rooftop terrace - but night has fallen and the storm never got close to us. A shame, but that means there’s nothing stopping me stepping out into the medina again - once I’ve studied the map to get my bearings.

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