The Ballad of Roger and Grace

One of my favourite times to be in Melbourne is April, because that’s when the Comedy Festival happens in this fine city. And Comedy Festivals are especially fantastic when Daniel Kitson is in town performing - which he will be this year, with a new show.

Daniel Kitson, if you’ve not heard of him before, is not only a talented comedian. He’s also a brilliant storyteller, and often his performances are cleverly woven, heartwarming, and human.

As a rare treat (recordings of his full shows are extremely scarce), he’s put one of his older storytelling shows online - a collaboration between him and his good friend, musician Gavin Osborn, titled The Ballad of Roger and Grace. I actually have raved about it already, back when they performed it in 2008.

If any of this has caught your interest, then I recommend you go and spend the £2.50 (a bargain indeed), set aside an hour, and soak in the intertwined stories and songs.

And then perhaps you should consider buying a ticket to Daniel Kitson’s show at this year’s festival - they’ll soon be on sale, and will disappear quickly (I’m far from the only person in Melbourne who’s a fan).