Enough Rope tonight, I came across a surprising stat. " />

Why not?

I was watching the always-interesting Enough Rope tonight, I came across a surprising stat.

One of the segments was focused on a family who had lost their 7-year-old daughter two years ago. She had been signed up as an organ donor, and her parents were surprised to find out how rare this was - so they’ve spent a large amount of their time since raising awareness and encouraging people to sign up to be on the Organ Donor Registry.

The surprising (and disappointing) statistic is that less people signed up to be donors in 2006 compared to 2005 - and both numbers were less than 300! In a country of 20 million people!

So… if you’re not a donor, and would like to be, the Medicare website has the relevant forms. You can even apply online (although they’ll then send you a form to sign).

If you’re not a donor and don’t want to be, though, I’d be interested in hearing why. (My original question contained less thought and more expletives, but I’m open to there being valid reasons.)

Pickles left a comment on 13 Dec, 2007:

I call dibs on your brain.

The reason I am not an organ donor is if my organs are harvested from me like so much sweetbreads, then they can’t go in my specially prepared, ritual canopic jars for me to use in the afterlife. If I have to spend an eternity without a spleen, I’ll be coming after yours.