I've had the privilege to speak at a variety of events - and sometimes these talks are recorded (or I've written up notes) - and then I can list them here. Hopefully they're useful and/or interesting!

Diversity, Awareness, and Welcoming Spaces

Presented at Trampoline in Melbourne, February 2015.

The Golden Age of the Internet

Presented at RubyConf AU in Sydney, February 2014,
and Golden Gate Ruby Conference in San Francisco, September 2014.

The C Word

Never liked the title - if I had the chance to do this talk again, I'd rename it to Refactoring Community.

Presented at RubyConf AU in Melbourne, February 2013

Crafting Gems

Presented at RailsConf in Portland, May 2013 and RubyC in Kiev, November 2011.