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14 Jul 2009

Rails Camps - Coming to a Country Near You

This weekend, there’s going to be a Rails Camp. In October, there’s going to be a Rails Camp. Then in November, there’s going to be a Rails Camp. That in itself is pretty freaking cool. What’s even cooler is that they’re in Maine, England and Australia respectively.


If you’re not quite sure what Rails Camps are – they’re unconference style events, held away from cities, generally without internet, on a weekend from Friday to Monday. The venues are usually scout halls or similar, so the name is slightly inaccurate – most people don’t bring tents, but sleep in dorm rooms instead.

Getting Down to Business

Also, they are events for Rubyists of all level of experience – and not just focused on Rails either. Anything related to Ruby and development in general is a welcome topic for discussion.

Communal Hacking

The weekends are made up of plenty of hacking, socialising, talks, and partying. Alcohol and guitar hero usually feature. A ton of fun ensues.

Making Pizzas

Rails Camp New England

A quick rundown in chronological order: first up, from the 17th to 20th of July, is Rails Camp New England. This will (as far as I know) be the first Rails Camp in North America. We’ll be up in the middle of Maine, at the MountainView House (a bit different from most Rails Camp venues) in Bryant Pond.

Unfortunately, if you want to come to this camp, we’re all sold out. Let me know anyway, just in case someone drops out (although it is late notice).

Rails Camp UK 2

Building on the success of last year’s first UK Rails Camp, a second one has been put together by Tom Crinson out in Margate, Kent.


If you’re anywhere in the UK, or even Europe, you really should be keeping the weekend of the 16th to 19th of October free. In fact, go book your spot right now.

Rails Camp Australia 6

Last on this list is the original Rails Camp, that started back in June 2007, run by the inimitable Ben Askins. We’re returning to Melbourne (the host of the second camp, in November 2007), but this time we’re down by the beach in Somers.

John showing us how it's done

November 20th to 23rd are the dates for this, and going by the names of confirmed attendees, alongside what looks to be an fantastic venue, it’s going to rock just as much as the last five (and quite possibly even more). Feel like booking your place?

For all of these events, you should beg, borrow or steal to get your hands on a ticket. The energy, intelligence and passion of past camps has been amazing (which is why I do my best to spread the word), and they are a breath of fresh air compared to the staid and structured setup of RailsConf and most other technical conferences.

Thanks to John Barton, Max Muermann, and Jason Crane for the photos above.

20 Jul 2008

West Coast Photos

As mentioned before on this blog, I’m currently doing some traveling around the world (so far just the west and east coasts of North America) – so here’s a few of my favourite photos from the trip thus far.

Oh, and I don’t know much about photography. I don’t use a DSLR. Suggestions on technique are very much welcome, but a lot of the terminology still goes over my head.



Moraine Lake


Out on a Limb

More are on my flickr feed.

13 Dec 2007

Link: TED | Talks | Amory Lovins: We must win the oil endgame (video)

"Energy guru Amory Lovins lays out his plan for weaning the US off oil -- and revitalizing the economy in the process."

28 Oct 2006

Link: onegoodmove: Michael Fox With Katie Couric

01 Jul 2006

Link: YouTube - Sunday Bloody Sunday by Bush

06 Jan 2005

Link: Australian official 'watched Habib torture'

Something closer to solid facts regarding torture claims for Habib

05 Dec 2004

Link: - Bush Arrested in Canada for War Crimes

If only this was true - a very well done hoax

30 Nov 2004

Link: Privacy under threat from anti-terror laws

Article from The Australian about the worrying laws being brought into power that ignore privacy

29 Nov 2004

Link: John Quiggin: The end of hyperpower

Short post considering that the USA is no longer a true super power

09 Nov 2004


Apologetic Images about the US Elections

07 Nov 2004

Link: Reach out and sneer: Dem radicals speak to the Red States

05 Nov 2004

Link: Kerry Won

05 Nov 2004

Link: The loonies have taken control

05 Nov 2004

Link: USA Election 2004 - Results by State Average IQs

04 Nov 2004

Link: Fanatical Apathy: Concession Speech

02 Nov 2004

Link: Election Day Non Sequitur

very apt

02 Nov 2004

Link: - Election Day unfolds with midnight votes - Nov 2, 2004

Hopefully the result will be better than Aus.

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