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12 Feb 2008

I'm Sorry

A few notes and links on the Government finally apologising to the indigenous people of Australia, prompted by conversations with Ross via twitter and IM:

  • ‘Sorry’ isn’t the be all and end all – but it’s a good start.
  • Howard’s intervention to ‘save the children’ was a load of bullshit bound for failure – top-down approach, handed down from on high, by white people who don’t have a clue.
  • I don’t have any solutions on how to make things better. But as far as I’m concerned anyone suggesting solutions who doesn’t work with indigenous communities should seriously consider shutting their mouth.
  • There isn’t going to be an easy, clear, simple solution.
  • But there are people out there putting forward intelligent ideas. Go read Chris Graham’s article in Crikey
  • While you’re at it, peruse these articles by Kylie Lee and Claire Smith.
  • Also topical and definitely worth reading – Martin Flanagan on Archie Roach

I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning.

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