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07 Jun 2009

Link: The Blues Brothers: Allegory for Software Development « A Fresh Cup

"Few people in the current generation of developer are aware of one of the seminal works that explains agile development via allegory: The Blues Brothers."

30 Jan 2009

Link: Derek Powazek - Programmers are Tiny Gods

"If you give a programmer a problem with parameters, they’ll apply every bit of genius they have to solve it in the best possible way. If you tell them how to do it, you’ll suffer the wrath of an angry God."

12 Nov 2007

Link: The Power of Charity

02 Nov 2007

Link: Build with Leopard Fixes – Audioscrobbler Beta’s Discussions – Groups at

Not-quite-official version of the client that works on Leopard without two icons in the dock.

14 Mar 2007

Link: Prince

16 Nov 2006

Link: Creating Passionate Users: Two simple words of passion...

10 Dec 2004

Link: PHP/SWF Charts

Very neat PHP/Flash combination to produce snazzy charts

16 Nov 2004

Link: How programming languages have warped my writing

Funny little post about how programming languages change the way we communicate

09 Nov 2004

Link: Ars Technica: Delicious Library Review

A well written review about Mac software in general, and Delicious Library in particular

02 Nov 2004

Link: Delicious Library

One very handy piece of software

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