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29 Mar 2006

Link: Tour de Babel

and now i feel like a completely incompetent coder

01 Jun 2005

Link: DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript

Its not the book, but better than nothing

25 May 2005

Link: Lists and More

collection of list designs and a few other things

15 May 2005

Link: / Balance and Teamwork

it all balances out

05 May 2005

Link: css_cheat_sheet.png

handy css cheat sheet

04 May 2005

Link: Stopdesign | CSS Organization Tip 1: Flags

how to keep your large css files manageable

02 May 2005

Link: State is the Web

State is an integral part of a web application

18 Apr 2005

Link: Select Replacement Test

hide and restyle

18 Apr 2005

Link: Little Boxes

Collection of CSS for various layouts

04 Apr 2005


Another Javascript library for Ajax

31 Mar 2005

Link: Hybrid CSS Dropdowns

Cross Browser Two-level menu that degrades nicely

28 Mar 2005

Link: Drag-and-drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS

Not yet IE compatible, but awesome none-the-less

23 Mar 2005

Link: Prototype: Object-Oriented Javascript Library

Awesome javascript library which simplifies AJAX calls to such a wonderfully easy level

22 Mar 2005

Link: x180 / james duncan davidson: It's a Multi Language World

Be a polyglot developer! - Wise words from James Duncan Davidson

17 Mar 2005

Link: Nifty Corners

Javascript, CSS and DOM tricks to get rounded corners

14 Mar 2005

Link: 10 Tips for Writing High-Performance Web Applications

The first three tips are particularly useful

11 Mar 2005

Link: JavaScript: DHTML Library, Drag & Drop for Images and Layers

Very handy cross browser drag and drop implementation

03 Mar 2005

Link: Introduction to Browser-Specific CSS Hacks

Helpful hints for dealing with different browsers

25 Feb 2005

Link: Stu Nicholls | The CSS Playground | Cutting Edge CSS

Neat compilation of samples for various CSS design tricks

08 Feb 2005

Link: all in the - Designing URIs

Worthwhile notes on URI structure

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