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24 Oct 2008

Thinking Sphinx PDF at Peepcode

A quick note to let anyone using (or interested in using) Sphinx and/or Thinking Sphinx that my Peepcode PDF has just been published, and contains a wealth of information on how to mix Sphinx with ActiveRecord (via Rails or Merb).

It’s been great working with Geoffrey Grosenbach to get this written up, and I’m pretty stoked to see the final results – hopefully others will enjoy it as well.

Also, a massive thank you to all the contributors to Thinking Sphinx – it wouldn’t be quite so cool if it wasn’t for all the patches (facilitated by GitHub’s forking).

09 Aug 2007

Link: PdfWriter and RailsPdf - RailsOnWave Ruby on Rails web 2.0 Ajax

Jim - is this something new?

01 Jun 2007

Link: subLog : HTML / CSS to PDF using Ruby on Rails

14 Mar 2007

Link: Prince

14 Mar 2007

Link: A List Apart: Articles: Printing a Book with CSS: Boom!

19 Dec 2006

Link: Mongrel (Digital Shortcut): Serving, Deploying, and Extending Your Ruby Applications - $14.99

30 Aug 2006

Link: Creating PDF documents with tables in Ruby, Rails

30 Aug 2006

Link: Ruby FPDF

30 Aug 2006

Link: Creating Printable Documents with Ruby


23 Aug 2006

Link: Apache FOP

23 Aug 2006

Link: How to Publish XML Documents in HTML and PDF

13 Jan 2005

Link: Label PDF Links

A reminder to label links to PDFs, including some nice icons to use

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