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13 May 2008

Link: Tip #4 - Validating an Email Address with Ruby on Rails

"TMail has an “Address” class. It will throw an invalid address exception if given an address it can’t handle (and it has about 2,000 test cases of email addresses it can handle, so you are pretty safe.)"

14 Apr 2008

Link: Unleashed: Who's reading your emails?

"Even though you had the suspicion that the Rudd Labor government would be, well, a little less suspicious, a little less willing to use the power of the state to keep us all in line, that particular bloom has come off the rose."

21 Oct 2007

Link: rubymatt's mailtrap-0.2.1 Documentation

A mock SMTP server for use in development environments.

09 Oct 2007

Link: Hivelogic: Enkoder Rails Plugin

Plugin that encodes email links (and other content)

23 Jan 2007

Link: TMail


18 Nov 2006

Link: Five simple rules for keeping an empty inbox - Download Squad


30 Aug 2006

Link: - Integrate Gmail and inbox and sent mailboxes

16 Feb 2005

Link: Hula Server - Hula

Looks pretty slick - I wonder how many features they've implemented...

16 Feb 2005

Link: 43 Folders: Five fast email productivity tips

Nice summary of rules of thumb for managing email

20 Jan 2005

Link: Safe E-Mailing for Dummies

Looks to be a promising mail security method, will be interesting to see if it works with

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