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27 Nov 2007

Link: Crikey - Mungo: The dubious legacy of John Winston Howard

"And thence we emerged, to see the stars again."

23 Oct 2007

Deja Vu

From 2004:

Election 2004 Comic

From 2007:

Election 2007 Comic

16 Oct 2007

Insight on Gen Y voters

I caught the last half of SBS’ Insight tonight, which was focused on Generation-Y voters in the marginal Queensland electorate of Moreton, currently held by the Liberal Party’s Gary Hardgrave. While some of it felt pointless and bland, there were a few points from the parts I saw that grabbed my attention.

Labor – Still Clueless about the Internet

Graham Perret, the Labor candidate, was present on the show, and I caught the tail end of him talking about how Labor was using the Internet. He spoke about how it was another way to get their message out to the voters – and that’s precisely the wrong way to approach it. While newspapers, radio and TV are largely broadcast media, the Internet is far more democratised, and far better suited to engaging people and getting proper dialog happening.

This is what irritates me about politicians (particularly John Howard) using Youtube – they treat it very much as just another way to get the press release out. GetUp is making use of Youtube in a much more conversational way – there’s no reports yet on the site about how Sunday’s forum proceeded though.

People want Politicians to be Humans

There was a researcher on the show – I didn’t catch her name – who had studied Generation-Y, and (if I am remembering correctly) was talking about how all voters – not just the younger ones – want politicians to be funny and human. To be honest and approachable. To stop with the spin. To really connect with people.

Okay, maybe I’m riffing off her ideas into my own, but I think the feeling was pretty similar. I wish ideas like this would get more airplay – perhaps the politicians might actually take it on board.

Beyond the Show

On Insight’s web site, they have a temporary forum for discussion about the show. I made a few comments myself, but from a technological perspective, it’s really not an effective way to encourage discourse. You also get the trolls – even with the moderators vetting each post – just like everywhere else, which is a shame.

Of course, it’s tough to get people in a frame of mind where they’re open to other ideas, instead of just ramming their own down other people’s throats.

10 Oct 2007

Link: ALP in 'me-too' policy mess over death penalty - National -

"We are against the death penalty in all situations, and that's globally, not just in Asia." - That's what Labor (and the Liberals) *should* be saying, instead of their current double-standards crap.

09 Nov 2004


Apologetic Images about the US Elections

07 Nov 2004

Link: Reach out and sneer: Dem radicals speak to the Red States

05 Nov 2004

Link: Kerry Won

05 Nov 2004

Link: The loonies have taken control

05 Nov 2004

Link: USA Election 2004 - Results by State Average IQs

04 Nov 2004

Link: Fanatical Apathy: Concession Speech

02 Nov 2004

Link: Election Day Non Sequitur

very apt

02 Nov 2004

Link: - Election Day unfolds with midnight votes - Nov 2, 2004

Hopefully the result will be better than Aus.

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