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07 Jun 2009

Link: The Blues Brothers: Allegory for Software Development « A Fresh Cup

"Few people in the current generation of developer are aware of one of the seminal works that explains agile development via allegory: The Blues Brothers."

12 Mar 2009

Link: How-To Setup a Linux Server for Ruby on Rails - with Phusion Passenger and GitHub - Hack'd

Can skip some of this thanks to Sprinkle, but it's a useful reference nonetheless.

30 Jan 2009

Link: Derek Powazek - Programmers are Tiny Gods

"If you give a programmer a problem with parameters, they’ll apply every bit of genius they have to solve it in the best possible way. If you tell them how to do it, you’ll suffer the wrath of an angry God."

11 Sep 2008

Link: The Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest

30 Nov 2007

Link: The Footprints Network - The Power of Many

"The footprints network is an alliance of e-commerce businesses and their customers who fund community projects from many tiny donations collected with every online transaction."

26 Oct 2007

Link: WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future: Kiva vs. MicroPlace - What's the Difference?

"The big difference between MicroPlace and that loans will be securitized (and therefore potentially trade-able), and lenders will earn interest."

26 Oct 2007

Link: MicroPlace, an eBay Company: Make an investment, help relieve global poverty.

"Your investment dollars are used to provide loans to the working poor."

26 Apr 2007

Link: The Exciter: Installing Lighttpd on OSX

Note the mysql flags for lighttpd so mod_mysql_vhost works

26 Apr 2007

Link: Hivelogic - The Narrative - Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger

Note the config settings in ./configure calls

01 Feb 2007

Link: gapingvoid: "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards": the end-user manifesto

16 Nov 2006

Link: Creating Passionate Users: Two simple words of passion...

26 Oct 2006

Link: chris' dev Tidbits : Coding Styles: Common Mistakes

16 Sep 2006

Link: RailsConf Europe Notes: Dave Thomas Keynote (On Risk)

16 Aug 2006

Link: Source Control HOWTO

14 Jul 2006

Link: O'Reilly Radar > Engineering Management Hacks: The BigBook Technique

23 Sep 2005

Link: Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta

Emphasis on Beta, apparently, but still, should be useful

18 Sep 2005

Link: Devmo

Mozilla Wiki for Web Dev - should be a useful reference

22 Jun 2005

Link: Six JavaScript features we do not need any longer

Commit these rules into your memory

15 May 2005

Link: / Balance and Teamwork

it all balances out

15 May 2005

Link: Powazek: Just a Thought: Ajax, Ajax Everywhere

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