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19 Apr 2009

Link: The Perfect 3 Column Liquid Layout: No CSS hacks. SEO friendly. iPhone compatible.

04 Feb 2009

Link: Rosenfeld Media - Web Form Design Book Site

"everything you need to know about designing effective and engaging Web forms"

06 Apr 2008

Link: 24 ways: Back To The Future of Print

12 Dec 2007

Link: Wufoo · HTML Form Template & CSS Design Gallery

Collection of form designs

17 Aug 2007

Link: Syncotype Your Baselines —

28 Jul 2007

Link: AssetPackager – JavaScript and CSS Asset Compression for Production Rails Apps

28 Jul 2007

Link: Common fonts to all versions of Windows

07 Jul 2007

Link: css-redundancy-checker - Google Code

01 Jun 2007

Link: subLog : HTML / CSS to PDF using Ruby on Rails

14 Mar 2007

Link: Prince

14 Mar 2007

Link: A List Apart: Articles: Printing a Book with CSS: Boom!

12 Dec 2006

Link: css_dryer

plugin to help CSS be more DRY-ish in rails

30 Nov 2006

Link: Styleaby

CSS driven by Ruby code

22 Nov 2006

Link: kuler

16 Nov 2006

Link: The ultimate webdesign usability checklist at Not Usable

Extensive list of things that should be done for every website!

14 Nov 2006

Link: A List Apart: Articles: Super-Easy Blendy Backgrounds

super easy gradients without too much time spent in photoshop/fireworks/gimp

26 Oct 2006

Link: Clearing a float container without source markup


24 Oct 2006

Link: A List Apart: Articles: Print to Preview

20 Oct 2006

Link: The 9th Incarnation of //

Historical styling of web pages - Interesting idea...

03 Oct 2006

Link: Dynamic CSS in Ruby on Rails

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