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10 Oct 2007

Link: ALP in 'me-too' policy mess over death penalty - National -

"We are against the death penalty in all situations, and that's globally, not just in Asia." - That's what Labor (and the Liberals) *should* be saying, instead of their current double-standards crap.

05 Oct 2007

Political Proposition

Peter Garrett is a shining example of why ethical, idealistic, passionate people should not become politicians.


28 Mar 2007

Link: Australian Exchange Guide - Vic Listing - Whirlpool Broadband Forums

Exchange list with street addresses for Victoria

24 Nov 2006

Link: Exclusive Brethren sect target Greens - VicElection06News - Victoria Votes

21 Sep 2006

Link: Neco - Australia's Eco Hardware Store.

Australian group that has the option to assist people with getting to a carbon neutral point.

11 Aug 2006

Link: Some Immigration facts ยป The Bartlett Diaries

31 Jul 2006

Link: War has lured bigots out into the open - Opinion -

06 Jan 2005

Link: Australian official 'watched Habib torture'

Something closer to solid facts regarding torture claims for Habib

30 Nov 2004

Link: Privacy under threat from anti-terror laws

Article from The Australian about the worrying laws being brought into power that ignore privacy

28 Oct 2004

Link: Leunig 10th October 2004

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