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03 Dec 2007

Link: :: GIANT ROBOTS SMASHING INTO OTHER GIANT ROBOTS :: save bang your head, active record will drive you mad

"exceptions should not be expected"

26 Nov 2007

Link: Eli Miller: Proper cache expiry with after_commit

Can use this for any actions after transactions are committed - ie: Thinking Sphinx's delta indexing

19 Apr 2007

Link: Raaum's Rails Reader: ActiveRecord

12 Apr 2007

Link: Pelargir - Musings on software and life from Matthew Bass. ยป Turn finders into associations and get caching for free

20 Mar 2007

Link: #48123 - Pastie - Migrations for secondary databases

24 Feb 2007

Link: #40260 - Pastie - Helpful Rails code for LIKE searches

24 Feb 2007

Link: ^Substantiality. FasterActiveRecord

22 Feb 2007

Link: Understanding the Rails Initialization Process

Helpful tips for adding controllers, models and views to plugins which will then get automatically loaded by the rails app

19 Feb 2007

Link: the { buckblogs :here }: Overriding attributes in ActiveRecord

09 Jan 2007

Link: the { buckblogs :here }: Watching ActiveRecord Do Its Thing

24 Dec 2006

Link: Quoted-Printable : Delegation and Demeter in Rails

23 Dec 2006

Link: CriteriaQuery

18 Oct 2006

Link: PJ Hyett : Composite Primary Keys are Good

Handy bit of example code for keeping track of read/unread posts on forums

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