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01 Oct 2007

Third Time Lucky


Right, here we go again. Third time lucky.

That is, this is my third attempt at blogging. Hopefully it’ll last longer and be more frequent than the last two tries. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Massive thanks to Aesthetically Loyal for the design of this site – it’s made life much easier with getting this all online, and it’s a nice change to be actually satisfied with the design of a website I’ve coded. (My ego’s not as bad as the header image or domain name might suggest, by the way. Honest.)

Anyway, stay tuned for a few more blog posts – mainly Rails-related to start with (I’ve got a few plugins sitting around that deserve a post or two), as well as an updated header image.


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02 Oct 2007
Ben Schwarz said:

Nice one Pat. Site is looking really good.
Looking forward to seeing some of those plugins being released.

03 Oct 2007
Anthony Kolber said:

Nice one Pat, site’s looking good.
Well implemented.

03 Oct 2007
Ben Schwarz said:

How come you didn’t use permalinks for your urls? That could really help SEO

03 Oct 2007
pat said:

Thanks guys

As for permalinks – it’s on my list of things to do (as is fixing the tab order for this form).

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