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26 Aug 2008

Rails Camp UK Report

Just over a week ago, the first Rails Camp in the UK was held in Downe, outside Orpington – and I think it was a fantastic success (having been the organiser though, obviously there is some bias).

We had quite an international flavour to the weekend. Of the 30 or so who attended, several were from around Europe, alongside the local British, and a few of us Australians to round it out.

The Beer Disappears

In true Rails Camp style, around the beer, pizza and games, much hacking and discussion was had – assisted by the *jour gems, twetter and SubEthaEdit. Plenty of cool projects were displayed and created – topics ranging from RSpec to EXTJS to in-memory models to plugins to CouchDB to approaches for better browser-server polling (with a neat browser game as an example).

Railscamp UK 2008 (8 of 12)

One of the cool creations of this Rails Camp has gone live. The collective talent of the RailsLove guys and Rany Keddo produced a forkable lists web app called Don’t Forget The Wurst – and features William Shatner, which just adds several levels of awesomeness to an already neat idea.


Massive thanks to all who came along and made it such a fantastic weekend – I’m looking forward to hearing about another Rails Camp in this part of the world (even if I won’t be able to attend it).

Matt and Simon

Also, if you’re in Europe, you might want to check out the German and Danish Rails Camps, which will be happening later this year. Australians, Rails Camp #4 will be happening in November (details are almost finalised). Everyone else: I highly recommend making one happen near you. There’s now a group of us who have dabbled in the organisation of them, and we’re more than happy to help however we can to get more of them happening around the world. It’s not too hard, and it’s an awesome way of strengthening your local Ruby community.



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26 Aug 2008
Lachlan Hardy said:

Looks like it was a hell of a weekend, Pat! Congratulations on sharing the love!

26 Aug 2008
Matt Aimonetti said:

Pat, looks like you had a lot of fun, I wish I could have made it! However you forgot to mention Merb Camp coming up in San Diego Oct 11-12! ;)

27 Aug 2008
Ed Spencer said:

Hey Pat, thanks for organising a brilliant weekend. I came back many ideas and RSS feeds richer :)

I think the ExtJS guy had the best stuff going on though, not least on the Urban Terror battlefield. Yeah, that guy was awesome.

27 Aug 2008
pat said:

Ed: yeah, that ExtJS guy was pretty cool – ’cept for his camping in Urban Terror ;)

27 Aug 2008
Ben Askins said:

Nice one Pat. Looks like it was an awesome weekend.

29 Aug 2008
Bumi said:

Hey Pat!
yeah, thanks for Railscamp UK! It was an `say awesome` camp!
Hope to see you all at the camps in DK and/or DE! ;)

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