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02 Jan 2008

Postie - The Gem

An addition to, prompted by Dr Nic’s suggestion in the comments of the earlier blog post – the postie gem. It allows easy parsing of Postie search results, and also provides a command-line tool for searching.

By suburb:

postie Brunswick

By postcode:

postie 3070

To install:

sudo gem install postie

To use within your own ruby code:

require 'postie'


Again, extremely simple, but just makes access to the data that little bit easier.

Now, what would be really cool is a Quicksilver plugin that queries the API. Any volunteers to code that up?


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03 Jan 2008
Xavier Shay said:

~/Code/redbubble-trunk> postie ‘North Fitzroy’
/opt/local/lib/ruby/1.8/uri/common.rb:436:in `split’: bad URI: Fitzroy.xml (URI::InvalidURIError)
from /opt/local/lib/ruby/1.8/uri/common.rb:485:in `parse’
from /opt/local/lib/ruby/1.8/open-uri.rb:29:in `open’
from /opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/postie-1.0.0/lib/postie/locality.rb:16:in `find’
from /opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/postie-1.0.0/bin/postie:13
from /opt/local/bin/postie:19:in `load’
from /opt/local/bin/postie:19

I don’t know where I live :(

03 Jan 2008
pat said:

Thanks for pointing that out Xavier, it’s now fixed in 1.0.1.

23 Feb 2008
Sandy said:

This is awesome. Just what i needed, was thinking of geocoding surburbs and storing it all as post codes in the database but now im going to simply use an autocomplete field with your gem. If i intend to use the service on a commercial site, is their any issues with uptime? Should i just grab the source and run it locally?

23 Feb 2008
Sandy said:

Noticed, something, this evening. It’s working really well at the moment. I’m using a autocomplete helper and an on change handler to update other parts of the form based on the selection. Just a quick tip for others. Before parsing a form parameter with spaces. ie. if you start typing the suburb “Red Hill” this will fail unless you substitute the space for the plain text encoding “%20”. Other than that it works flawlessly.

23 Feb 2008
pat said:

Sandy, glad to hear it’s useful for you – there’s no problems with using it in a commercial app.

As for uptime, I can’t offer any guarantees, but I do have something monitoring the site, so if it does go down, I’ll do my best to get it back up and running asap.

As for escaping, I will fix that – it’s handled in the command line tool, but not in the classes (which is really where the fix should be). Expect a 1.0.2 release in the next 24 hours.

23 Feb 2008
pat said:

Okay, postie’s updated to handle spaces properly – will take a couple of hours to propagate through rubygems though.

26 Feb 2008
Sandy said:

Yep, works fine without the gsub now. Response is fairly good with a auto complete helper. Will see how it goes in production. Does the service provide geocoded location data? At the moment i am using postie as a helper when selecting a location and to prefill the database with the correct data, then geocode on create if that postcode does not already exist in the database (HABTM relationship). So over time it will be optimized rather than pulling down the whole database from the auspost site and performing extensive matching? Whether this is a better approach i don’t know.

26 Feb 2008
pat said:

Sandy: There’s no geocoding information – only suburb, postcode, state and comments provided by Australia Post. If you know of a source for address or lat/long data, I’ll definitely consider mixing it in.

31 Jul 2008
Sandy said:

Hi pat,

I found a database with geodata attached.

01 Aug 2008
pat said:

Sandy: that’s awesome! Will have to find some time to get that into postie somehow.

Thanks for the link.

01 Aug 2008
Sandy said:

Yeah, it took me a while to find. Alot of people on the net are charging for similar packages. This one has been compiled from a number of free sources, i’ve loaded everything into a table so i can query it. What is the best approach to do the SQL finds on both suburb names and postcodes simultaneously, like with postie, how you can enter either postcode or enter a suburb and get back a result based on the data of two different columns? Should you do a find by suburb and then a find by postcode and then combine unique results?

02 Aug 2008
pat said:

Postie looks at the search term to see if it’s a postcode (ie: is it four digits), and then uses it for just the one field (suburb or postcode) depending on that.

I guess another way is something like SELECT * FROM locations WHERE suburb LIKE 'search%' OR postcode = 'search'

04 Aug 2008
Sandy said:

Ok, thanks for that. Is the validation method the best method in terms of performance? Or the SQL query?

04 Aug 2008
pat said:

Validation in terms of checking if it’s four digits? Not sure, but I’d guess it’s probably faster that way. I’m doing it using a regular expression: /d/d/d/d – which should keep things relatively fast, instead of an OR statement with a half that isn’t needed. Pure guesswork though.

03 Sep 2008
Michael Baker said:

Its a bit late but if you require any help with the DB let me know I wrote the query’s ect.. for the content on my site PHP And More .org

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