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30 Dec 2007

Postcode API

A couple of weeks ago I quickly coded a basic webservice – using Merb – for Australian Postcode data. Just got hosting for it sorted out last night, so now I can blog about it.


The emphasis is on simple – you can search by postcode or suburb, and get the data back either as a HTML page, XML, or JSON. That’s pretty much it. The request urls aren’t complicated, either:

Suburb requests use partial matching, so you don’t need the full suburb name. If you want the JSON returned with the MIME type of application/json, use the .json extension.

I’ve no plans at this point on using this, but perhaps it’s useful for someone out there – if so, would love to hear about it.


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30 Dec 2007
Tim Lucas said:

That’s really cool. I’m sure someone will find it handy.

30 Dec 2007
shoaib said:

well done Pat, this will come in handy

30 Dec 2007
Dr Nic said:

Ooh tastie indeed.

A cmd-line wrapper for the API would be like a tastie toasted sandwich.

19 Jan 2008
Marston A. said:

Hey Pat,

This looks like a great tool indeed! Would you happen to know of any similar API’s/Plug-in’s for U.S. Postal Codes?

20 Jan 2008
pat said:

Heya Marston

It looks like the USPS has a couple of APIs that do the job – there’s “documentation on their site”

Not quite as simple as mine… but if you find a csv or similar of all the US zip codes and matching cities and states, I could look at building an equivalent service for it.

20 May 2011
Matthew Lock said:

Hello, could you make your webservice available via JSONP by adding a ?callback= parameter to your .js url? That way we can call your API from javascript in a web page.

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