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05 Nov 2007

Aliasing Actions in Rails


Code snippet for application.rb that makes life just a little easier if multiple actions are doing exactly the same thing (both in the controller and the view):

def self.alias_action(existing, aliased)
  define_method(aliased.to_sym) do
    render :action => existing.to_s

And then in the appropriate controller (where edit is an existing action, and show needs to be exactly the same):

alias_action :edit, :show

I know this is a specialised use – but perhaps someone else out there is doing something similar.


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05 Nov 2007
Dr Nic said:

Hmm, I love where your heart is at. Perhaps

def edit; show; end

Gets the trick done too :)

05 Nov 2007
pat said:

Ah, not quite Nic – as the view for the existing action needs to be rendered as well – which is one extra line: render :action => "show" for your example.

But yeah, it’s not saving many lines of code, I just find it a little more elegant.

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