The (Beautiful) Ballad of Rodger and Grace

The Comedy Festival is running again here in Melbourne - which is one of my favourite times of the year. Just saw my first show this afternoon - Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn’s The Ballad of Rodger & Grace. In short, it was amazing, funny, heartwarming and beautiful.

Kitson is a fantastic wordsmith, sometimes using words that don’t get used enough, and using otherwise common words in clever and different ways. Osborn provided a touching and emotive soundtrack to the story Kitson wove, filling in a different perspective.

I know I’ve raved about Kitson before - and I’ve got a different show of his for this festival that I’m yet to see, so I likely will rave again soon - but do yourself a favour and go catch one of his shows (this one is only running for a few more days, but his solo festival show runs until mid April). He is one of the finest comedic talents out there - and a masterful storyteller to boot. Osborn’s music just adds to the brilliance.

ae left a comment on 29 Mar, 2008:

This was the guy.

pat left a comment on 29 Mar, 2008:

Sounds pretty good - will have to check him out.

Steve left a comment on 31 Mar, 2008:

I have personally voyaged to the isle Kitson with Captain Pat on two occasions now. On the weight of those two performances alone, I am now a life-long member of his ‘established audience.’

Also, I splashed out and tried Gavin Osbourn’s album after the Ballad of Roger and Grace. It is also a winner, especially track 5…Attacking Midfielder. A soulfull tune exposing the pain Osborn felt when his star player asked for a transfer whilst playing Football Manager - for those who have played the game…nuff said.