Daniel Kitson, Comedy God

I went to see Daniel Kitson’s C-90 tonight. Absolutely amazing storytelling - and a lovely counterpoint to his regularly brilliant stand-up shows. There’s only one day left of the show here in Melbourne (and I’m guessing it’s sold out), but if you ever get the chance to go see him, do so. He’s pure genius.

Xavier Shay left a comment on 5 Nov, 2007:

Argh, I couldn’t get tickets a few weeks ago. I haven’t been able to get a ticket for a Daniel Kitson show for 3 years. This makes me sad :(

pat left a comment on 5 Nov, 2007:

Xavier - I’ve been organising small groups of people to go see him at the Comedy Festival for the last few years - I’ll let you know when I do the same next year.

And yeah, this show sold quickly - I ordered tickets two months ago.